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We all feel a bit out of our depth when going somewhere new for the first time and if you're a newcomer to osteopathy, it will also be an entirely different experience for you. Our guide below informs you on what to expect on your first treatment.

Before your arrival, you will need to make sure you have the following personal details prepared:

  • Any relevant information about your current complaint

  • Details of your past medical history

  • Your general lifestyle and habits, such as your hobbies and sports you partake in


Normally consultations are 25-30 mins, however with it being your first time, the osteopath will compile a detailed case history from the information you provide them with. This will then enable them to give you the best advice and a treatment plan which is tailored specifically to you.


It is normal for patients to undress to their underclothes in order for the Osteopaths to assess and treat. This often includes other areas of the body not directly at the point of the condition being treated, as Osteopathy involves a holistic approach for treatment to be effective.



As of the 1st of July our prices are £37 for initial consultations and £33 for subsequent consultations.


A guide to your first visit

Your First Visit to the Bexhill Osteopathic Practice